Story Viewers Insights

Instagram Story Viewers Insights

Our mission is to provide the best Instagram account reporting experience for your account. In our latest release, we focused on a new feature called Followers+ Story Insights®.

Do you regularly use Instagram Stories and just can't keep track anymore of who's looking at your stories? There are always certain people you especially want to know if they are among the viewers? Maybe it's about your crush, a specific friend or even a stalker you want to get rid of?

Then you are probably interested in our new feature, which we have now integrated into the Followers+ app.


Search your
viewers with one tap

Instagram Story Viewers Insights allows you to track specific people among your viewers without having to scroll through an endless list of viewers to find them. This is especially helpful if you already have so many followers that it's very difficult to find out who has already seen your story.

We from the Followers+ team have spotted this problem and want to use this function to help you find your crush, your friends or maybe even your stalkers.

How does it all work? Quite simple: All you have to do is just search the name of a certain person in the viewers list of a certain story and you will be able to find out if that person has seen that certain story of yours or not.


Story insights helps you to


Find out your


Search among your
story viewers list


Filter story viewers

Sort your story viewers list

In addition, you can sort your viewers according to when they saw your story. This new feature allows you to order your story viewers chronologically, as this is unfortunately not possible with Instagram itself.

You can even filter your story viewers to locate people who have viewed your story without following you. We beleive its the best way to spot your stalkers.


See which of your stories a
specific person has seen

You can view a specific person’s Instagram profile from XFollowers and see which of your stories that person has seen.


Other features in the Story Insights Pack


Your top viewers


Your viewers that are
not following you


Your least
viewed stories


Your most viewed

So, what are you waiting for?

Use the new Instagram Story Viewers Insights feature of the Followers+ app and find out who's watching your stories!


Available on iOS

Android version is coming soon

Story Insights Feature is currently only available on Followers+ iOS version. It will soon be available on Android.